The tastiest "Traditional Portuguese Stew" in Lisbon!

Traditional Portuguese Stew

The Traditional Portuguese Stew (called “Cozido à Portuguesa“*) is back, now at the Hotel Real Palácio!

The coldest days call for warm and comforting meals, and the best excuse for a lunch with family and friends has arrived in the Lisbon city centre, with the delicious buffet of Traditional Portuguese Stew! This buffet will be served every Saturday, between 12:30 pm and 3:00 pm, at the Real Cozinha Restaurante-Bar, located in the Hotel Real Palácio.

The buffet includes the typical variety of meats, sausages and vegetables… basically everything you need in an excellent stew! In addition, you will also have at your disposal a Chef’s dessert selection buffet.

Seats are limited, make your reservation in advance.
Enjoy your meal!


* “Cozido à Portuguesa” is a typical Portuguese dish, consisting of a variety of meats, vegetables and Portuguese sausages.