Therapeutic Massages Archives - Hotel Real Palácio

Hydrating Asian Massage with Ylang Ylang e Mandarin

60 minutes of pure sensory pleasure with the stimulating and fresh blends of Ylang Ylang and mandarin aligned with hydrating and relaxing massage manoeuvres.

Relaxing Mediterranean Massage with Rosemary

Relaxing and full body massage with essential rosemary oil, producing stimulating and invigorating effects and helping reduce general fatigue, physical pain and muscle pain while improving concentration.

Craniofacial Massage with Moisturizing Lavender Cream

Head and face massage which releases tension through gentle movements. Restores balance through the application of moisturizing lavender cream.

Energetic and invigorating massage with bergamot essential oil

Massage with soft but firm movements that ensure revitalization and relaxation. The essential oil of bergamot has a sedative and calming action, at the same time that it invigorates the senses and the mind.

Toning Sports Massage with Peppermint

Massage applied with pressure which assures muscle strengthening and toning. Ideal for recovery after the effort of the athlete. Peppermint oil is a natural painkiller, accelerating muscle relaxation.

Real Relaxation Massage with Basil

Relaxing massage with basil essential oils which have a refreshing and toning action, helping to combat mental fatigue and sharpen your senses.

Localized Massage with Verbena Essences

Massage with toning verbena oil, a medicinal plant which reduces muscle tension and promotes relaxation.

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